Sunday, August 14, 2016

This.. I love.

Being there, being here - watching her cradle her bunnies, falling asleep. 

I miss every morning during the week due to going off to work so early in the wee hours of the day. Only so that I can come and pick them up and bring them home a little earlier in the afternoon. 

In about 11 1/2 hours I'll be in the office, starting my week. It'll be a busy week - always is, following a vacation - meetings, a workshop that'll need finishing, probably a ton of emails to answer (and who knows what else). 

But right now, it's just my little bunny girl, drifting off to sleep. 

Thursday, August 04, 2016

An update from our garden

Our garden project has been very productive in these past couple of weeks as we have been away from home (first visiting hubby's family, then mine). When we left, a single strawberry had started to turn red. Upon our return, we were able to pick two handfuls of small, sweet bliss of summer. And there's still plenty of green ones waiting!

Even the tomatoes have been growing (like weeds)! These are red cherry tomatoes, planted next to the strawberries. Getting pretty good in size, just needs to change colour. (And if they don't, I guess I'll have to figure out something to make out of green tomatoes..)

And then there's the yellow plum tomatoes. Also getting pretty good size-wise, but needing a little update with regards to the colour.

We planted corn, just as an experiment, and look! It's grown pretty good (and high). You can't tell by this picture, but I just found the humble beginning of an ear (ear of corn) yesterday, so I guess somethings going to happen here too. I have absolutely no experience with growing corn, so I don't know what to expect - or when anything is going to be finished..

My ginger experiment has been thriving outside these past couple of weeks too. Just look at the root growing! It looks like it's coming a couple of more greens out of the one, little root I planted all those months ago (I think it took around 4-6 weeks after planting until something started to happen, and then they started to happen quickly!).

It's tall, and obviously thriving - and I'm very curious about the results. I'll have to google a bit to see when it might be ready for harvesting.

Our green salad was thriving for a long time, and I think we ate salad every day for about three weeks  - until the tomatoes in the same box ruined it. Hubby said it looked almost like the salad just disintegrated into mush, so maybe it didn't like being next to the huge, invading tomatoplants?

Out knotted cabbage was harvested a tad late, so parts of it was hard and woody. But the rest? Oh, so juicy! Will plant more next year. And check the harvest tips a bit earlier.. Harvest at the size of a tennisball versus at the size of a handball? Might make big differences!

Speaking of next year.. I think I (at least) have learned tons about gardening and planting this year. The top one definitely being things that look small and cute will grow into huge BEASTS of plants (!) so don!t plant too many things in the same box. This is very visible when looking in the third box, which I didn't get a picture of..

In that third box, the sugar snaps, the peppers and the lavender are having fights about which plant is allowed to grow - and where. The sugar snaps are throwing their climbers everywhere, strangling leafs and stems of pepper as they climb. While the poor peppers are blooming everywhere, trying to produce tiny, tiny baby peppers - which is hard, when someone's just trying their best at tying you up and pushing you down.. And the lavender? The lavender is just thinking something in the like of "I'm not taking any of this crap!" and growing into something that's starting to resemble a bush.. Which is cool, of course, thinking how we've grown it from tiny seeds in our kitchen window, how it ended up upside down on the floor once, in a window opening almost disaster..

Next year? Next year I'm trying to motivate hubby to build another box, and mentally replanting everything into tidy, neat boxes, filled with discipline. Like binding the tomatoes from the start, and not letting them grow around the bottom and over the edges of the boxes like wild amazon plantlike creatures. And removing sneaky leafs and plants, so that the tomatoes get their act together and produce tomatoes, and not one heck of a lot of leaves and stems! Also, three different vegs might be a bit too much for one box. I'm thinking one box for tomatoes, one for strawberries, one for others. Might also include another box on the other side of the house, dedicated to herbs and other goodies.

This is so much fun!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Guess where..

Packed the car and drove north-east. Wonder where we ended up..?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Finish!

Once upon a time Anni Downs came to Oslo to hold a course. This was around the same time as her line of small projects called "Little Stitches" (I think..? correct me if I'm wrong) came out in the stores. I think I ended up buying four or five of those little projects (preprinted linen was included) and then I spent some time stitching the designs. Well, fast forward three years, and the stitcheries were rediscovered in a small box. Most of them done, except from one of them, where a couple of details were yet to be stitched.

And a few hours later the first of these projects saw the finishline.

I give you.. Cake Money Purse.

The back. The fabric with the buttons is one of Anni's own.

The front. 

I had an idea as to why I wanted to finish this one - not just finishing it, but giving it a purpose. Well, later this year, I will be going on a trip. Until the day of departure, this little purse will hold the funds for my travel. Quite suitable, isn't it? Although I'm not sure if all the funds will be spent on cake.. some may go for coffee, and some? Well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we. 

Where will the journey go..?

I've just finished knitting my Marius jacket, and got another project handed to me (more or less) by one of my colleagues. I'm knitting her a jacket - quite gorgeous too - and without a deadline, so everything is (so far) just fun. :-)

A couple of finishes!

These pictures were saved as a draft post for a few weeks, sorry about that.. 

The first is a tablerunner. A couple of years ago Anni Downs came to Oslo and held a few day courses. My mom and I went on a Thursday, and the project for that day was the tablerunner with small houses and trees. 

I ended up making it a few rows shorter, to better fit our tables. 

Lovely colours and a fun project (I just ended up, unfortunetly, keeping it as a UFO for a couple of years before finishing it..) I handquilted stripes diagonally through all the squares. (It has been re-ironed, and looks much better now.. ;-))

The second finished project came from last years Advent Calendar my mom gave me. The stitchery was completed quickly, and thanks to my mom for including already cut and prepared fabric, the piecing went smooth and quick. 

I handquilted this one too, and added buttons and beads for decoration. Now it awaits the colder season, so it can decorate our hallway. :-)

Monday, June 13, 2016

That feeling..

When you really want to get some sewing done, but you end up replacing a button in hubby's shorts.

Enjoy the sunshine, warmth, summer - or the chilly, cozyness - whatever suits you where you are. 

Status from our garden

These pictures are a couple of weeks old by now, the status is overflowing with green - but they do show off Hubby's boxes quite nicely. 

In these three we have salad (tasty, we've been having it for dinner for over a week, not that it shows), cabbage (knot?), yellow plum tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes, strawberries, corn, peppers (paprika, two different kinds), sugarsnaps and lavender. 

By our front door hangs a pot of stemorsblomster - which looked rather miserable when I bought them, but they've turned out quite nice. I think they like it there.

And in our kitchen there's still some experiments growing. My ginkoplant is in the transition from stick to plant with green leaves these days. There's another lavender in a pot, and some lemon thyme our neighbour gave us, and some coriander (trying to use it in our cooking, as it seems to be growing into something else..?). And then there's this one. Can you guess what it is?

It's ginger. Yup, we had a piece of ginger root left over from one of the spring colds (lemon tea with ginger and honey is wonderful!) and instead of just leaving it to dry and ending up throwing it out, I planted it in a small pot with dirt, covered it with plastic and left it for forever (or so it seemed). I think it took about 3-4 weeks before we could see a small, green stem of something growing, and after moving it to a bigger pot, it really started to grow. Might plant it outside at some point - we're talking about making or buying another box for plants to have by the front door - mostly for herbs and such, but there's been things to do lately (like painting and life) so that point on our schedule hasn't been crossed out yet.

Hope you're having a good summer! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

One of those days..

Some days you do a lot. There's much to do, things to do (and make), and time flies by. 

And then there are days like today. Snuggling sleeping babies in rocking chairs, unable to sleep due to tiny stuffed noses..

It's kinda nice to. 

Forget about the laundry, the plants to be planted and the house which needs cleaning. There are more important things to do right now..

Monday, May 02, 2016

It's a..


Yup, I've got a finished project. And believe it or not - it's not knitted. 

A few years ago - before my falling out of love with paper piecing (it's a long story, featuring S. Daley, a BOM and a german quilt magazine) - I wanted to try these apple core shapes, and decided to ser if I'd make a miniature of them. Well, fast forward a couple of years, when the small pieces turned up in the daylight again. 

After framing the pieced piece, handquilting it and finding a matching binding, it is done. 

Quite the miniature, it has found it's place in my office. A little large for a mug rug, but then again, I have room for a big mug. 

Another finished project's awaiting a wash before getting it's pictures taken.